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Scary: This is what tan really does to your skin (video)

Everyone knows the warnings of the dermatologists and the Cancer Association, who keep warning us about the sun’s damage. Immediate damage, such as sunburn and freckles as well as cumulative and long-term health risks, such as increased risk of skin cancer.

But despite all those warnings, most of us still go outside during the day, when the sun goes down, without sunscreen against sunscreen.

Thomas Levrit, tried to use a different publicity technique than the one that is shown to the public on television broadcasts that try to encourage us to use sunscreens.

Thomas set up a UV camera on the street and asked people who had passed through the street to look at his camera. Most of the people who peered at the camera reacted with shock when they watched their faces through the special lens.

The camera reveals to them the effects the sun has caused them like freckles, wrinkles, and stains. All these effects do not yet appear when they look in the mirror. But the unfortunate situation is that it is there, alive and well beneath the surface and now only time will do its part.

The video presents us with the fact that almost all of us are born with good skin, but the difference is how we treat it throughout our lives. But the really cool thing, in my opinion, happens when the same people spread themselves against the camera sunscreen and see how the camera shows their face. Need to see to believe.

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