A hypnotic spectacle of rare whales playing under the light of the northern glamor was documented in front of the camera (video)

The next amazing video, taken on the island of Kavlaya, located near the northern part of Norway, contains two amazing natural phenomena that combined to create a spectacular and rare spectacle that was recorded entirely in front of the camera of the photographer Harald Albrigastan.

The sight of large fin whales swimming and playing near the shores of the Norwegian island, whose name means “whale island”, is not a rare sight, but watching them do so under the light of the magnificent northern glamor is another story, and the lucky photographer This hypnotizing moment, he says, was not even a one-time event, and he was able to watch it for two consecutive nights.

The northern glow, a meeting between particles of light that flow through the earth’s magnetic field and collide with the different molecules in the air (usually read more about the phenomenon here), takes place mostly between September and March, and many tourists and photographers flock to places where it can be seen.

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